Bal Prabhat is a centrally located English medium Boarding School in Pokhara established with public and private partnership concepts. The school is run in its full-fledged youth of 30 years from its establishment by renowned scholars Ranjana Chhetri, Krishna Prasad Ghimire, and Ganga Mani Ojha. The school’s legacy has been handed over to capable and visionary leaders of the young generation. Now, Bal Prabhat has become the platform and pillar of hope for many parents who are already harvesting the fruits from their investment. Owing to out fore founders, we are committed to incorporate the everyday changing phenomena and new opportunities for our students because we believe in dynamism and progressive changes. As a result, we are proudly announcing the launch of the School of Management from this academic year.

Bal Prabhat strongly believes in co-education and learning for real life. We are aware of what is going on every day in society and involve the parents and society members as our source of knowledge. One can feel that Bal Prabhat acts as a small society where students from diverse communities interact. As evidence of this, we have been marching onto International School Award journey 2017/18 for imparting our students with project-based teaching and the development of 21st century skills like critical and creative thinking and problem solving, global citizenship, student’s leadership, collaboration and communication, creativity and imagination, and so on. We have been working with satellite schools like national and international partner schools to develop the wider perspective on international relationships and deeper understanding on the subject matter. Furthermore, the efforts made by its teachers and students have been recognized by the University of KPZ, located in the Netherlands, by presenting us with the coronation of Star School in May, 2017.

We welcome everyone to Bal Prabhat to add many bricks to make a better foundation for a safer future. We have dedicated, optimistic, enthusiastic, and subject expert teachers to fulfill your hunger for higher studies. Together, we can create a sustainable future for our students, society, and country making this unique planet, Earth, a better place to live in harmony and peace. Dear parents and students, let’s work together to embrace the beautiful future that has already started and is awaiting for you. We are here to shape the pathways to your career.