Message from Advisor

I feel honored and privileged to be associated with Bal Prabhat Boarding School a centre of academic excellence in the valley of Pokhara since its inception in 2064 B.S. I am also grateful for all those who came before and laid a strong foundation.
Bal Prabhat Boarding School (BPBS) is focused and committed to provide the best education available to all the students. Over the years, l have seen what it takes a difference for our children and support the effort to prepare better to the best mind of society for which BPBS has a team of dedicated, committed and supportive teachers who always have the best interest of students in mind. In words of John F.Kennedy: “Liberty without learning is always in peril and learning without liberty is always in vain.” I applaud the parents, fellow board members, teachers, staff as well as students for maintaining fearless teaching learning environment in BPBS. I know the next 10 years will bring us all sort of exciting new instructional technologies to use. We are living in times of profound regional change, growth and innovation. While many of these changes are exciting, it is important that we consider how these changes may impact the education delivery of BPBS.
Finally, we can all make a difference in society one day at a time by touching the lives of all the children-classroom by classroom, grade by grade, program by program, and community by community. Please join BPBS and become involved for all-round education.
Good luck!
Dr. R. J. Yadav
Asst. Professor, Tribhuvan University, PN Campus, Pokhara